Essay Prompt: Describe your Ideal College Community

Any competitive edge an applicant can acquire to gain admittance to one of the best universities in the country goes a long way, considering that on average, Columbia admits less than 6% of its applicants per year. Compelling essays are a crucial key in standing out against all others in the admission process. Although essays are expected, in reality they are asking for lists to be given.

These lists on the application include wanting to know why you want to attend Columbia University as opposed to any other Ivy League school, and what you have personally done to prepare yourself to qualify to attend. The application will also include a request for the lists of qualities you look for in a college community. Questions such as these allow for not only specific answers, but room to provide some of your personal creativity showing why you stand out from other applicants.

List A Few Words or Phrases That Describe Your Ideal College Community

When answering such a compelling question that can be attacked from so many different angles, it is important to stay organized. Large institutions with many applicants you thousands of applications and are used to reading vague statements that encompass a general idea instead of a person’s real personality, interest and passions. Columbia, just as any other college wants to be able to see the real you.

How can you write a compelling answer to this question? Why not follow an essay model that has worked in the past? Your answer should be a combination of both a personal essay and a true statement about what you expect your college experience to look like. Also, include how you expect others on campus including staff to interact with you as well. Take into consideration the wide variety of personalities, job titles, professors and even teachers aides when giving your answer. Knowing that all these people will be intertwined in your life and have come from different backgrounds, lifestyles, nationalities and are of different ages. All these variables and more should be given great weight within an answer describing one’s expectations.

When going to college, you become part of a community, therefore it is important to understand what the word community actually means in this reference. This does not refer to a community base in the outside world but pertains to those he will be in close contact with on a daily basis as listed above.

Do not come across as overconfident, overeducated or underwhelming. Steer clear of large words that may be overused by other applicants such as “innovation,” and “leadership.” Let Columbia know that your Ideal college community is not static yet is ever-changing and you are able to change with it just as the climate does. Don’t be afraid to speak your values, but in the same instance, don’t refuse to listen to others and take them into consideration.

Sometimes far-fetched answers are the ones that get noticed, but pulling on the rains and do not allow the answer to get away from you. You are strongly encouraged to show your personality with a lighthearted attitude while at the same time coming across as a mature adult willing to do what is necessary in order to keep peace and thrive side-by-side with others within your college community.

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