List of Skills & Knowledge for Gainful Employment

Is a vast knowledge of video gaming systems and software an important or key element in getting hired at Game Stop or any electronics based franchise? Although, a question asked on the application for game stop reads: “list your video gaming systems and/or software knowledge” it’s not a deciding factor on whether or not you can be a valuable asset or employee. Software and gaming systems alike change almost as quickly as cell phones do. What is current and trending today is just a thing of the past in less than one year in most cases.

Trends come around full-circle, just as in clothing and home decor, gaming systems are coming around full-circle. Does this mean you should brush up your knowledge on systems such as Pong and Atari? Not necessarily. Late 80s and early 90s games are all the rage taking 2D gaming to the forefront of the entertainment industry. Although advanced knowledge of gaming systems, games, software and hardware are a valued asset, your personality, ability to deal with customers and reliability go much further than your knowledge base of video games.

What Employers Look For

There are many determining factors that go a long way with employers who are looking to hire a reliable employee. Certain factors transcend between jobs regardless of what the job entails or requires. The following list is quite commonly the top 10 qualities and skills employers are looking for, and they include:

⦁ Communication Skills
⦁ Work Ethic
⦁ Honesty
⦁ Common Sense or Technical Competency
⦁ Determination, Persistence and the Willingness to Not Give up
⦁ Works Well with Others
⦁ Looking for Ways to AddTo Their Knowledge Base and Skills
⦁ Simple and Complex Problem-Solving Skills
⦁ Loyalty and Reliability

The above-mentioned list of qualities and skills are essential for most any job, the exact skills and nuances of a particular job can always be taught to an employee if they have those certain skill sets as mentioned above. Let’s break down these 10 top qualities, none of which include having to list your knowledge of gaming systems and current software.

The Ability to Communicate. Communication skills include the ability to listen, follow directions and give feedback. Not just by voice but by all kinds of services such as email, telephone, verbally and with one’s body language and facial expressions.

Honesty. This quality does not need much explanation but is a big deal. Accurate and timely information concerning one’s business and their employees is very important. If you make a mistake, you should be the first to admit it instead of trying to cover it up. Ensure your boss you have learned from your mistake and will not make it again.

Common sense or technical competency. Certain jobs require a particular set of skills, and in most cases are advertised plainly on the job listing. If you apply, do so knowing that you have the set of skills required and do not attempt to lie or stretch the truth in order to gain employment. Be honest with your skill set and if it is not up to par with what is required, make sure to let the employer know your ability to improve in your skills to meet the needs of the job at hand.

Work ethic. Simply put, do what you were hired to do. This includes punctuality and being to work on time, meeting deadlines and target dates as well as being a reliable worker.

Determination, Persistence and the Willingness to Not Give up. Work is not always easy, and employers often times give their employees challenging or difficult tasks. It is at this point in one’s career path that they should show the ability to be determined along with persistence to keep moving forward even when there are obstacles in your path.

Works Well with Others. Do you work well with others? It’s no fun to work with people you do not get along well with. The same goes for your fellow employees, they don’t like to work with people they do not get along with either. Work environments often put people together in stressful situations and getting along can be difficult. Use other skill sets mentioned in this list such as X ability, eagerness to learn and problem solving skills in order to help you show how you work well with others.

Looking for Ways to AddTo Their Knowledge Base and Skills. No one person knows everything all the time, and in the business world things are always changing. This means there is often a need to find out new information and expand one’s knowledge base and explore new ways of doing things. Employees with a willingness to expand their knowledge and learn new things become an invaluable part of a business organization regardless of what position an employee may have.

Simple And Complex Problem-Solving Skills. When problems arise, are you the kind of person who looks for help and guidance or you take it upon yourself to solve problems? If you are a trusted employee with good problem-solving skills that takes challenges on with little to no direction from their employer you once again become an invaluable employee.
Loyalty. Going back to the trust factor in a professional environment goes a long way one’s job security. No one wants to hire people who need to be looked after closely and have to worry about them quitting or doing something that represents their company in a negative light and public. A loyal employee would never do anything disrupt or hurt their employer or the company they work for.

Let Your Employer Know Your Skill Sets

If you contain all or most of the skill sets and qualities mentioned above, how can you let your potential employer know all these characteristics about yourself to make you the best candidate for the job? Before you show up to the interview, your potential employer should have a copy of your resume that should contain the skill sets can provide their company in a way that gets their attention. Come prepared with good references of friends, family and former employees that you trust to give good information about previous work history and your work ethic. Lastly it takes more than just words written on paper to catch the attention of a company or hiring team. Show up to the interview well dressed, and with examples of how you have shown attributes from this list of sought after skills and qualities. Great ways to show this is with examples and stories that can be told during the interview process.

If you are lacking any of the qualities from this list, work hard at obtaining them. Some come naturally and others take a lot of work. Figure out where you lack and where you excel. Really push your attributes that show you excel within the hiring process. It goes a long ways to show your confidence but do not be overconfident. With a little work, research and preparation you can show up to any job interview and walk away as an employee.

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