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Access a free portal for charitable organizations and nonprofits to engage with corporate clients worldwide at It provides tools that help administrators of charities to take their digital footprint and workplace strategies to another level. The site was created to help NPOs manage their interaction with corporate programs and to help build stronger partnerships. Individual Accounts are available and easy to set up.

To create your own partner account start by simply clicking the “Register for Free” link located in the middle left of the home page. Step 1 of 2 is to select your organization by entering your EIN number or the Charity Name, and Location including the state name and city name. To advance hit “Search” and select your organization within the returned search results. Complete the registration details by uploading the company’s letter of determination, create a user name and password, and fill out the form with your information.


You will now have access temporarily to edit information within your charity page. administrators will then review your request and will grant or deny access within 48 business hours. To edit your page, click “NPO Page” on the top navigation then click “Edit Page” in the drop down menu. Once your account has been approved you will be able to edit your page and sign up for ACH Payments, and keep track of your Deposit Amounts.

In one year alone, over 42,000 charities received donations from corporate clients and employees while using the Nonprofit Portal. Using powerful online tools will build strong partnerships between corporations and the charities involved. YourCause offers a variety of administrator tools including:

  • Donation History
  • Add Volunteer Opportunity
  • Edit Logo
  • Add Goal
  • Add Photos
  • Edit Contact Information
  • Locations Served

Empower your company to engage your employees and track activities through powerful online communities that are focused on volunteering and giving worldwide. Take your company to the next level by partnering with Your Cause.

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