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Find out more about the best benefits solutions available for your employees from The company offers a full range of benefits and perks including insurance benefits, retirement benefits and vacation policy. With years of experience and top quality products and services, Your Secure Benefits Solutions should be your number one choice! is abundant with necessary information about effective employee benefit administration. The company’s dedicated team will walk with you every step of the way to ensure that your business obtains continuous growth and long term success. Its comprehensive benefits solutions include carrier integration, billing reconciliation, payroll import and enrollment services. YourSecureBenefitsSolutions also makes sure that each and every one of your employees has a deep understanding of the programs that you implement for your convenience.


YourSecureBenefitsSolutions Compliance Solutions

Employers are mandated by the government to submit a report about the coverage that they offer to their full-time employees during the calendar year. This helps the IRS in determining if employers owe penalties, which employees get subsidies and who is eliminated from the individual Mandate penalties.

  1. Guaranteed Compliance – the company handles full eligibility tracking and takes liability for the accuracy of the details.
  2. User-Friendly – the company does not require clients like you to change your Payroll, Time & Attendance or Benefit Administration systems. Instead, the solutions it offers enhance your current programs with no hassle of learning new dashboards and software involved.
  3. Comprehensive Service – the company assigns a dedicated account manager to each client to ensure top quality customer service that is affordable and effective at the same time.

YourSecureBenefitsSolutions Online Enrollment

Through the online enrollment service, the company is able to provide clients like you a better way to manage your employee benefits. You may easily achieve your purpose such as:

  • Increase benefit awareness
  • Simplify enrollment
  • Improve administrative efficiency
  • Engage and educate your employees

Through this online service, Your Secure Benefits Solutions is able to provide accurate, efficient and secure benefit enrollment. The company’s benefit technology team handles everything – from importing files for your payroll systems to exporting files to various insurance carriers for your employees’ benefit eligibility.

By taking care of every detail, the company eases the stress of administrative staff and puts everything in place. YourSecureBenefitsSolutions understands the importance of securing a client’s personal information which is why it maintains centralized security systems and applications – to guarantee electrical redundancy, network reliability and solid disaster recovery plan.

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