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Essay Prompt: Describe your Ideal College Community

Any competitive edge an applicant can acquire to gain admittance to one of the best universities in the country goes a long way, considering that on average, Columbia admits less than 6% of its applicants per year. Compelling essays are a crucial key in standing out against all others in the admission process. Although essays… Read More »

Your Best Grade

Ace your next exam by joining online programs on You can find various test preparation programs on this portal, each of which is designed to help you get a better score. Just browse through the ‘Programs’ tab to find one that best suits your needs. Every program has been carefully prepared to help students… Read More »

Your Child Learns

Enhance your child’s learning experience with reading, map, crafts, castle and other activities from This service started in the year 1992 with a focus on learning the alphabet and reading. One of the main purposes of the company is to use the power of the internet and the computer to engage children in multiple… Read More »

eLearning Place Platform

Connecting to your students in an interactive creative way is important in this day and age, this is why is a great way to start. Learnetic is a leading developer that offers a wide range of products with eLearning products for an up to day way of learning. This program connects teachers with students… Read More »

Stats Portal Start Up

With StatsPortal, students have interactive content that has been developed specifically to go hand and hand with their textbook enabling them to master statistics at their own pace at This portal is not only for students, but can be used by instructors as well providing customizable eBooks, learning aids, and homework management tools. This… Read More »

Free Online Career Test

Take a Free Online Career Test and Job Aptitude Quiz is quick and easy on Here you can determine the right career direction, research career articles, and determine what college option is right for you. The test should only take you a total of 3 minutes with no registration required. After completing the quiz you… Read More »