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Enhance your child’s learning experience with reading, map, crafts, castle and other activities from This service started in the year 1992 with a focus on learning the alphabet and reading. One of the main purposes of the company is to use the power of the internet and the computer to engage children in multiple learning modes including spatial, auditory and visual materials. Education is the best gift that you can give to your children and Owl & Mouse is here to help you achieve it – without any charge!

Yes, the software and activities found on are absolutely free. Take advantage of this service and help your child discover the world and develop his or her senses without spending a single penny. The online interactive activities provided by Owl & Mouse have been enjoyed millions of people for over 23 years now. In fact, several school districts in the country and beyond are using these materials to help children learn and develop a deeper understanding of their surroundings. Everything is free but the company strictly prohibits you or anyone to sell or redistribute its products.


YourChildLearns Products and Services

Owl & Mouse provides a plethora of learning software and activities to help you teach your child new things about the world. The company believes that learning is active, not passive; that it is fun and hands-on. Each of the learning products provided by Owl & Mouse is designed to fill in the gaps of every child’s education. From here you can find:

  • U.S. Maps
  • Map Puzzles
  • Geography Quizzes
  • Printable Maps
  • Alphabet Activities
  • Learn Letters and Letter Sounds
  • Reading Software
  • Castles and Heraldry Activities (build a medieval castle, make a town, make a village, etc.)

Your child’s learning always begins at home. With the right materials, you can help your child achieve excellence even before he or she enters school. From the homepage of Your Child Learns, you may utilize the search bar found on the bottom to look for the learning material that you need. Remember, all pages and downloadable software may be freely used for individual and classroom instruction but may not be sold or redistributed in any way.

For more questions and suggestions, you may send an email to Owl & Mouse by clicking the blue ‘Owl and Mouse’ link found on the bottom of the homepage.

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